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Wolfram Alpha Google is a Firefox addon that shows Wolfram Alpha results whenever you do a search on Google.

Over 100,000 downloads and counting!

It is free and open source and you can download it here (click "Allow") after clicking this link or get it from the official Firefox page.

Like it or hate it? Let me know on the feedback page or on the Firefox review page.

You can also check out the source code on Google Code.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could get Wolfram Alpha's "computational knowledge" at the same time as Google results? This Firefox extension makes it so.


The Wolfram Alpha Google add-on for Firefox lets you run a side-by-side comparison of results from Google, and the new Wolfram Alpha search engine.

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My favorite use for it is to pull up nutritional information for fast food and cast lists for movies.


The Google results come in at a normal speed, while the Wolfram Alpha ones catch-up on the side.


The most interesting WA-related plugin is aimed at those users who really love the service; so much, they want to merge it with Google.


If you love having extra goodness packed into your searches, then you will definitely enjoy using the Wolfram Alpha Google extension!

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Show Wolfram Alpha's results on the side whenever you do a search on Google.