SEM Tools has been updated to the latest version (2.3).

New to SEM Tools? Check out the introduction or the tutorial.

What's new in 2.3?

  • New tool called Open Multiple Links in Tabs. Just paste in a list of URLs and open them all in tabs.

Paste in a list of URLs and open them all in tabs.

  • New tool called Text Converter for decoding and encoding text for using in URLs (encodeURI and decodeURI).

Decode and encode text for using in URLs (uses encodeURI and decodeURI).

  • Some bugs in "Get Adwords Campaign IDs" have now been fixed
  • Added links to following third party tools: 
    • Ad Text Generator (MSN)
    • Bad Keyword & Number Stripper (SEO Book)
    • Competitive Analysis (Spyfu)
    • Connected Thesaurus (Lexical Freenet)
    • Google Ad Planner
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Analytics URL Builder
    • Google External Keyword Tool
    • Google Insights for Search
    • Google Keyword Suggestion Scraper
    • Google Trends, Google Hot Trends
    • Keyword Density Checker (SEO Chat)
    • Keyword List Cleaner (SEO Book)
    • Keyword List Generator (SEO Book)
    • Keyword Mispelling Tool (Keyword Misspellings)
    • Keyword Misspellings (MSN), Keyword Suggestion (SEO Book)
    • Keyword Suggestion Tool (Digital Point)
    • Keyword Typo Generator (SEO Consulting)
    • Keyword Typo Tool (How Rank)
    • Keyword Typos Generator (PPC Blog)
    • Microsoft adCenter
    • Related Keywords (Wordstream, MSN)
    • Reverse Keyword Lookup (Urltrends)
    • Search Funnel (MSN)
    • Google Search-based Keyword Tool
    • SEM News (Alltop)
    • Term Extractor (SEOMoz)
    • Google Traffic Estimator
    • Typo Generator (SEO Book)
    • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • New icon for hiding and showing the toolbar. To add, just right-click on the empty grey area at the top of the browser, choose customize, find the "Toggle SEM Toolbar" button, and then drag it where you want.

Hide and show the toolbar with this button.

See a list of changes in previous versions here.