What is SEM Tools Pro! ?

SEM Tools is a free Firefox add-on that gives you tools to more effectively manage your SEM campaigns.

SEM Tools Pro! includes all the same features as the free version but also gives you access to more powerful tools. See below for what tools it includes.

Why should I upgrade?

By upgrading, you get access to all the tools that I've made to help you manage SEM campaigns. You get access to the Creative Writer which you can read more about here.

You provide support for the continued development of SEM Tools (both the free and Pro! versions).

How much does it cost?

The price is $USD24.95/year. This includes all upgrades to both the free and Pro! versions during that time.

How do I purchase it?

You can purchase it from this Order Page (will open in a new tab/window).

Enter your name, address, email and billing details.

Once your order has been entered you will receive an email from the merchant site (Avantgate) confirming the order.

Shortly after you will receive another email from Avantgate with a registration key.

Click on the "SEM Tools Pro!" menu in Firefox and choose "Enter Registration Key"

Paste your registration key in the box and press save.

SEM Tools Pro! should now be activated. In the SEM Tool Pro! menu you can now use the Creative Writer.

If you have any problems activating it, please send me an email at sekizaru@sidthemonkey.com