• Compatible with Firefox Version 3.6
  • Added links to third party tools: Ad Text Generator (MSN), Bad Keyword & Number Stripper (SEO Book), Competitive Analysis (Spyfu), Connected Thesaurus (Lexical Freenet), Google Ad Planner, Google Adwords, Google Analytics URL Builder, Google External Keyword Tool, Google Insights for Search, Google Keyword Suggestion Scraper, Google Trends, Google Hot Trends, Keyword Density Checker (SEO Chat), Keyword List Cleaner (SEO Book), Keyword List Generator (SEO Book), Keyword Mispelling Tool (Keyword Misspellings), Keyword Misspellings (MSN), Keyword Suggestion (SEO Book), Keyword Suggestion Tool (Digital Point), Keyword Typo Generator (SEO Consulting), Keyword Typo Tool (How Rank), Keyword Typos Generator (PPC Blog), Microsoft adCenter, Related Keywords (Wordstream, MSN), Reverse Keyword Lookup (Urltrends), Search Funnel (MSN), Google Search-based Keyword Tool, SEM News (Alltop), Term Extractor (SEOMoz), Google Traffic Estimator, Typo Generator (SEO Book), Yahoo Search Marketing
  • New tool called Open Multiple Links in Tabs. Just paste in a list of URLs and open them all in tabs.
  • New tool called Text Converter for decoding and encoding text for using in URLs (encodeURI and decodeURI).
  • Fixed bug with Yahoo US search where the URL structure had changed. It no longer uses www as a subdomain.
  • Fixed bug in Get Adwords Campaign IDs that stopped it from working. It now gets the campaign from the campaign list on the left so it works even when you are on the Ads or Adgroups tabs.
  • Get Adwords Campaign IDs no longer supports old Adwords user interface.
  • Get Adwords Campaign IDs warns when you are not in Adwords or not on the Campaigns tab.
  • New icon for toggle toolbar.


  • Can now use Bing and Wolfram Alpha from the Search Box.
  • Can access most of the toolbar features from the Tools menu.
  • Search box now uses the current tab if the tab is empty.
  • Moved Ad Highlighter and Get Adwords Campaign IDs to the "Other" menu.
  • Fixed bug with hide toolbar button not working.


  • Cleaned up jQuery folder and removed minified jQuery files.


  • Added Creative Writer which helps you write better creatives by 1) comparing the landing page to the creative, 2) comparing the search result page to the creative, 3) comparing the keywords to the creative.


  • Ads on Google will show a tooltip with the actual destination URL.
  • Unknown ad companies are now highlighted in black.
  • Added more ad companies for the adhighlighter (can now see Commission Junction and Google affiliates).
  • Decode URL (renamed to UnMask URLs) now works on Google. You can toggle whether to show the Google URL or the actual URL.
  • Removed some unnecessary code and namespaced all functions.
  • Removed old icons.


  • Removed Ad Counter functionality. Will add to a future version after improving it.
  • Seperated the code for all the keyword tools.
  • Moved the keyword tools to their own menu.
  • Each keyword tool has it's own tab.
  • Removed Keyword Cleaner functionality. Will add to a future version after improving it.
  • Fixed the layout on the Keyword tools so that they work better on smaller screens.
  • Updated SEM logo in the toolbar, Tools menu and in the Add On screen.
  • Improved layout and style of URL and keyword tools.
  • Added examples to all the keyword and URL tools.


  • Added button to check a list of URLs for errors and return the final destination URL.
  • Added button to get the IDs of campaigns in Google Adwords (supports old and new interface).
  • Fixed bug with search box where the percent (%) character would appear in the keyword.


  • Added tooltips, labels and icons to search box to show the current search engine.
  • Fixed bug with search box not always working on pressing enter.
  • Added counter to the all links in iframe page to make navigation easier.
  • Added Next and Previous links to the all links in iframe page to make navigation easier.
  • Search box now correctly detects encoding of search query and displays it correctly. Have tested on Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
  • Ad Highlighter now stores the ad company list as an XML file.
  • Ad Highlighter options redone to support new format.
  • Add/Delete/Move/Edit functions now work in adhighlighter options.
  • Reduced processing overhead by creating one page load listener.
  • Seperated the code for adhighlighter, decode URL and other toolbar functions.


  • The fix in version 1.6.1 for multiplying toolbar separators only fixed the problem for new installs of the extension. This fixes the problem for people upgrading from older versions.


  • Fixed bug with toolbar separators multipying. Thanks to Rebecca for spotting it.
  • Removed unnecessary alerts in keyword creator.


  • Tested in Frefox 3.5beta4 and updated max version to 3.5.*
  • Added menu with links to Tutorial, Option, About SEM Tools and a Feedback form
  • Fixed bug with Google Canada search showing results for "cars" rather than the actual search.
  • Added more ad companies- searchmarketing.com, RKG Rimm-Kaufman Group, Platform A (Advertising.com), Vccp Search, Kenshoo, Voltage Search, SendTec
  • Fixed bug with "Get Links" tab being too large causing scrollbars to appear on the main window.
  • Made the text easier to read on the "Get Links" tab.
  • Added more explanation of the filter on the "Get Links" tab.
  • Turned word wrap off on the get links text area so it's easier to read.


  • Added Options window to customize the search engines in the Search Engines Links menu
  • Favourites, Groups, and Other search engine menus are all fully customizable
  • Added button to hide/show the whole toolbar
  • Added common Google and Yahoo searches as favourites
  • Removed dependency on old Search Engines Links code
  • Removed old Search Engines Links feature
  • Parser for search queries should handle more engines more efficiently
  • Added tooltips for all toolbar buttons


  • Added "Get Links" button to pull all the URLs and link text from the current page
  • Added "Get Links" tab to filter and select from the list of URLs
  • Added "Open all in one page" option to Search Engine Links menu
  • Added "Disable personalized search results" option for Google in Search Engine Links menu


  • SEM Tools-Trunk-2009-04-10-5.xpi
  • Added favourites to Search Engine links menu
  • Added groups to Search Engine links menu
  • Added Open all in tabs to favourites and groups in Search Engine links menu
  • Other search engines menu (Ask, Baidu, Naver)
  • Add Naver and Lycos to SE List for query parameters
  • Added local copies of all flags
  • Tested in Firefox 3.1b3 and increased the compatibility number


  • SEM Tools-Trunk-2009-03-13-2.xpi
  • Fixed bug in international SE links where the query parameter was not always correctly matched
  • Added Search Engine links menu - Google and Yahoo


  • Fixed some bugs with Firefox 3
  • Increased max version number to FF 3.0.*
  • Added Cleaner tab with some basic text modifying functions
  • Changed grouper and replacer to be sets of textboxes
  • Added list re-ordering icons: Jon Airey


  • Moved buttons to a separate toolbar.
  • Added Keyword creation tools like join, replace and group.
  • Added URL Decoder that shows the destination URL of ads on sites like Yahoo and Baidu.


  • Cleaned up code


  • Fixed "GM_getValue not defined" bug
  • Linked menu to Options window


  • Added listbox and deck for intselinks and adhighlighter
  • Added button for adhighlighter
  • Added 3 new button icons: Ivy Durante
  • Added 2 icons in the pref window: Ivy Durante
  • Simplified options code


  • Clean up code and add button for intselinks


  • Connect showadcount button to showadcount function.


  • Added showadcount button to statusbar


  • Moved the include and exclude code to the main script and added options to the options screen for it.
  • Added URLs to all Ad companies
  • Combined duplicate adcompanies into one match string


  • Added more search engines and adcompanies. Solved some preference bugs.


  • Rebranded as SEM Tools. Cleaned up code.


  • First successful package into an extension


  • Initital testing