Customize Titlebar Firefox Add-on now public.

I released my 3rd Firefox add-on a while ago. It’s called Customize Titlebar and it’s now been approved by Firefox to be included in their approved public downloads.
Customize Titlebar does basically what it says it does. It lets you change the text that appears in the title of the browser window. You can see this in the screenshot below.

The title now shows the page name, the Firefox version and the URL of the page

The title now shows the page name, the Firefox version and the URL of the page

Why would this be useful?

  1. If you use multiple Firefox profiles it lets you put a name for each profile in the title so you can distinguish which one is which. I have four profiles that I use: a main one, one for testing new add-ons, and two for developing add-ons in. So it’s easy to get them mixed up.
  2. Another use is for web developers and Firefox developers who need to test their pages/applications in multiple versions of Firefox. You can include the Firefox version number right in the title so you know exactly what version you’re looking at.
  3. Another use which seems to be quite popular is for displaying the current URL in the title. This can be useful for people who hide the navigation bar or want to be able to see the URL in the OS taskbar when the window is not open.

The latest version added support for using Unicode characters in the title so hope you find that useful.
Please let me know what you think of it either in the comments or by email on the contact page.


  1. FYI says:

    just, when a test your extension in FF 3.6, the {currentURL} variable in the customize title return ‘undefined’ instead of the URL.


  2. dueto says:

    Great addon! Work fine with Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks.

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