100,000 Downloads of Wolfram Alpha Google

So the download counter for my Firefox add-on Wolfram Alpha Google just ticked over 100,000 downloads. It’s quite an exciting milestone for me and I want to thank everyone who has tried it out and especially those of you who have given feedback and reported bugs.

Wolfram Alpha Google - 100,000 Downloads

Wolfram Alpha Google - 100,000 Downloads

The success of the add-on has mostly followed the interest in Wolfram Alpha itself with the biggest spike when Wolfram Alpha just launched. Every so often though the add-on gets picked up by some blogs and gets a pickup in downloads.
So what happens from here? What I’m planning at the moment is a more general “{any search engine} Google” set of add-ons. There would be one add-on for each engine but when multiple add-ons are installed they would be compatible with each other. If you’ve used Googlepedia and Wolfam Alpha Google together you’ll understand what I mean.

Wolfram Alpha Google And Googlepedia

Basically adding another add-on would add another tab button on the top right of the Google results which lets you switch between the results of any of the engine add-ons that you’ve installed.
I plan to take this one step further and make the rules for how to load and display the results totally generic so that anyone else could write their own add-on that would be compatible with all the others.
My first target for this would most likely be Bing but if you have other ideas for what would work well with Google then please let me know.
I’ve also updated the Wolfam Alpha Google page on this site to be a bit less crappy. Hopefully I’ll find time to fix other parts of this site as well.

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