Broken Link Checker Firefox Addon

Broken links suck! No matter whether you are a webmaster or a search engine marketer, dealing with broken links can be a huge time sink. So what can we do about it? The following steps will show you the easy way to do it using my free Firefox Addon. If you don’t already have it you can get it here.

1) Firstly, get a list of the URLs that you want to check.
If you are checking links from an adwords campaign, open up Google Adwords Editor, go to the keyword or creative tab and copy all the keywords/creatives and their URLs. If you want to check the links on a website, go to the page with the links you want to check and then choose “Get Links” from the toolbar (it’s in the URL Tools drop-down).Check Broken Links Button

Then click the “Copy all Links” button.

Copy all Links Button

2) Now we’ve got our list, open up the Link Checker.
It’s called “Link Checker” and it’s in the URL Tools menu.

Broken link checker
Then paste the links from step 1 into the top box.
It’s OK if there is other text as well because the Link Checker will just ignore the extra text.
If you are copying the links from Adwords Editor then check the “Is there a header row?” box to ignore the first line.

3) Run the Link Checker.
Click the “Check URLs” button. Below the button you can see the progress. In the bottom box are the results of the test.
If you copy all the results and paste them into a spreadsheet you can see which links are dead or broken and which are working OK.

4) Replace the broken links in your site/ad campaign.

The results also include the “Final URL“. For most links this will be the same as the original link but if you are using click tracking or other URL redirects, this column will show you the actual page that users land on.

Happy link fixing!

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  1. Ram says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you so much. You saved me hours of effort, where I had to check
    thousands of urls. This tool is very useful and I could paste all the urls at one go.

    Wish you good luck.



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