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Show Adwords Destination URL on Google

Often when I’m looking at the Google results pages (SERPs), I want to be able to see what landing page, click tracking software and advertising agency other advertisers are using. I also want to be able to check that my ads are going to the right page and they are being tracked correctly. Normally, you […]

Pay-Per-Click Software Companies

Are you looking to hire a pay-per-click agency? Looking to work in one? There are really a lot of companies in this industry, so how do you choose the right one? In online advertising, technology can really give a company an edge so it’s worth understanding which technology the agency you choose is using. Obviously […]

Broken Link Checker Firefox Addon

Broken links suck! No matter whether you are a webmaster or a search engine marketer, dealing with broken links can be a huge time sink. So what can we do about it? The following steps will show you the easy way to do it using my free Firefox Addon. If you don’t already have it […]