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What is SEM Tools Pro

SEM Tools is a Firefox add-on that helps you manage Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It’s intended for people who manage PPC campaigns full time (or at least most of their time). I started working on it because I found myself spending a lot of time doing manual, tedious work instead of doing the interesting things like […]

How to write effective Adwords creatives

Lately I’ve been working on a creative writing tool for my Firefox add-on called SEM Tools. The tool’s main purpose is as a replacement for using “creative templates” in a spreadsheet. But while making it I also had some good ideas to improve the overall creative writing process. So first let’s look at what makes […]

Google Chrome OS – Yet another take

Since the announcement of Google’s Chrome OS two weeks ago there has been a lot of commentary in the blogosphere and mainstream media. They cover three important points: 1) Why would Google make an OS 2) Will it be successful 3) What impact will it have Asa Dotzler from Firefox makes a good summary of […]